Dependent Children

Under this Scheme, Financial Assistance is granted to the children below the age of 21 years, whose mother/father or both have passed away or parents are regularly absent from home or have become physically /mentally incapacitated to look after the family and whose family income is not more than Rs. 1000/- per month for single and Rs. 1500/- per month in case of couple. There is concession in income of Rs. 300/- per child, which is limited for two children only. Under this scheme, in the event of death of mother-father/guardian, the sanctioning authority/SDM will nominate the near relative as the new guardian/successor on the old application form and old P.L.A. number. The financial assistance will be continued without any break to the nominated guardian/successor after approval by the sanctioning officer.


For the benefits, validity and application procedure of a scheme, please contact your nearest DPO.

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