TRAINING TO DISABLED PERSONS(at Bhatinda, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur)
  • To impart the training to the disabled persons upto the age of 21     years in the Vocational Rehabilitation Centres being run by the     Department to enable them earned and livelihood so that they do     not become burden on the society.
  • These Vocational and Rehabilitation Centres are being run at     Bhatinda, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur. Besides these 3 Centres, the     Government is running the Workshop for Physically Handicapped     persons.
  • In this Government Workshop, the vocational training is imparted     the disabled persons.
  • In the Vocational and Rehabilitation Cenrres at Bhatinda and     Hoshiarpur vocational training is imparted to both boys and girls     whereas at the Vocational Training centre Ludhiana only girls are     admitted for such training.
  • In all these Vocational and Rehabilitation Centres and the     Government Workshop, the stipend @ Rs. 300/- per month is     provided to the trainees and they are imparted training in knitting,     hosiery, tailoring, canning, candle making.