Prevention of Drug Abuse
The Problem of Drug Abuse is a burning issue of today and it is spoiling the society, specially the youths. The Consumption of intoxicants is increasing day by day in the State of Punjab. Punjab has been known for wide spread use of Masala, Beedi and Cigarette, Poppy Husk, Smack, Cocain, Bhang, Opium and drug like Mandrox/Cough Syrup (Corex) injection like for twin and morphine etc, by the lower middle class and labour. Over and above this, the biggest problem in Punjab having affected the society very significantly is Alcoholism. The above said drugs and Alcohol are mainly being used by farmers, labourers, self-employed professionals, drivers and youth, specially the students.

Incidence of drug abuse is on the rise in Punjab, more in border areas adjoining Pakistan. Some district of Punjab as like Mukatsar, Bhatinda and Ferozepur are more effective of drugs due to adjoining border with Rajasthan
The extent of drug abuse in Punjab can be estimated from the household survey in different regions of Punjab addiction to mind-altering substances was confined to a great extent to the Doaba region with 68.6 per cent of the households reporting drug addict in Majha comparatively the least number of households acknowledged that any person(s) were substance abusers (64.69%). However there was variation in the type of drugs imbibed in the regions. While opium was most imbibed in Majha, in Doaba the synthetic drugs and pills were most taken among the sampled drug abuser population. A Variation in the above trend was exhibited in alcohol consumption where a household in Majha has the highest alcohol consumption (58.10 per cent) and Malwa the least.

Department of Social Security and Women & Child Development, Punjab has taken various steps to stop the growing menace of drug abuse in the State. 30 Voluntary Organizations in the state have been working in the field of " Drug De-addiction and prevention of alcoholism" and have been receiving grant-in-aid through Department of Social Security and Women & Child Development, Punjab.

The State Government has allocated/released Rs. 1,00 crore during the year 2005-06 to the department for generating awareness through out the State of Punjab. These funds has been utilized for making Audio Visual Film, Rallies, Posters, Hoarding, Book-lets, leaf-lets and campaigning workshop/ Rallies and Seminars camps materials by the Social Security and Women & Child Development Department during the year 2005-06. Expenditure detail is as under: -
Activities Units Name of agency to which work is alloted Amount Total Amount
Printing of Leaf lets(two types) No. 150000 Printing and stationary Deptt PB   105000
Posters No. 1250000 -do- 6.50000/-  
Banner Cloth No. 735 Weavco 58800/-  
Banner Printing No. 735 By quotations from six Firms 30870/-  
T-Shirts No. 1180 Weavco 59000/-  
T-Shirt Printing No. 1180 By quotations from six Firms 20060/-  
Cap No. 1180 Weavco 24544/-  
T-Shirt No. 95 Weavco 6726 850000/-
Cap No. 95 Weavco
Hoarding 5 Hoarding Every Block Deputy Commissioner   35,00,000
1.Bhatinda 1,75,000/-
2.Faridkot 50,000/-
3.Fatehgarh Sahib 1,25,000/-
4.Gurdaspur 3,25,000/-
5.Hoshiarpur 2,50,000/-
6.Mansa 1,25,000/-
7.Moga 1,25,000/-
8.Muktsar 1,00,000/-
9.Nawanshahar 1,25,000/-
10.Patiala 2,50,000/-
11.Sangrur 3,00,000/-
12.Jalandhar 2,75,000/-

Sr.Superitendent Of Police

1.Amritsar 4,00,000/-
2.Ferozpur 2,50,000/-
3.Kapurthala 1,25,000/-
4.Ludhiana 3,25,000/-
5.Ropar 1,75,000/-
Booklet on Drug Addiction No.5300 Printing and Stationary Deptt. Punjab 5,00,000/-
Preparation Of Documentaries on Drug De-Addiction One 25 Min Doordarshan Kendra Jalandhar 5,00,000/-
Preparation Of Spot Ads on Drug De-Addiction Two(30 to 60 Seconds)
T.V. Advertisement on Drug De-Addiction and Telecast at doordarshan, Jalandhar One Documentary Doordarshan Kendra Jalandhar 5,00,000/-
Spot Ads.
For Seminars and Workshops at District Level 12 D.C Bhatinda  
Fatehgarh Saheb
Following NGOs are working
1. Scheme For Welfare Of Working Children In Need Of Care And Protection
  Provision of opportunities including non-formal education, vocational training etc, to working children to facilitate their entry/re-entry into mainstream education in cases where they have either not attended any learning system or where for some reasons their education has been discontinued with a view to preventing their continued or future exploitation.
Following NGOs are working
Sr.No. Name of the Institution Amount Recommended Beneficiary
1. Mahila Kalyan Samiti, Sardulgarh, Mansa 10,00,000 100
  TOTAL 10,00,000 100
2. Setting Up Of Employment-Cum-Income Generating Units For Women - NORAD (The Norwegians Agency For International Development)
  The Swavlamban (NORAD) programme partially assisted by NORAD, aims to improve the lives of poor women by training them in traditional and non-traditional trades viz. electronics, watch assembly, basic and advanced computer training, garment making, secretarial practice, embroidery etc. and to ensure their employment in these areas. The objective of this programme is to train women, preferably in the non-traditional areas and to ensure their employment. The target groups under this scheme are poor and needy women, especially, women from weaker sections of the society such as SCs/STs.This Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab State Social Welfare Board ,Quite Office,Sector-35,Chandigarh.
3. Short Stay Homes For Women And Girls
  The scheme of short stay home has been initiated with a view to help those women and girls who has to face mal adjustment, emotional disturbance, sexual harassment, immoral traffic, child abuse marital conflict etc. in the society. They require help and guidance to re gain confidence in themselves to meet the situation and to acquire skills to become self-reliant and to develop relationship with people that could help in the re-establishment of their status in society. Under this scheme they are kept in a short stay home for short time where basic facilities are provided to develop their total personality. The schemes provide the service/facilities such as temporary shelter to the needy women and girls from 6 months to 3 years, counseling services, medical care and psychiatric treatment, skill development training & rehabilitation services and Educational, Vocational and recreational activities. The home should have an average of 30 residents at a time with facility for minimum of 20 and maximum of 40 residents. This Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab State Social Welfare Board ,Quite Office,Sector-35,Chandigarh.
4. Support To Training And Employment Programme For Women (Step) Scheme
  The programme of STEP advocates the objective of extending training for up gradation of skills and sustainable employment for women through a variety of action-oriented projects, which employ women in large numbers. The scheme covers 8 traditional sectors of employment, viz. Agriculture, Small Animal Husbandry, d\Dairying, Fisheries, Handlooms, Handi-craft, Khadi and Village Industries and Sericulture. Two more sectors, namely Social Forestry and Waste Land Development have been added later. The programme of STEP aims to make a significant impact on women in the traditional sectors by upgrading skills and providing employment to such women on a projects basis by mobilizing women in viable groups, improving skills, arranging support services, providing access to credit awareness generation, gender sensitization, nutrition education, sensitization of project functionaries. The objectives of the schemes are to provide training for skill up-gradation mobilizing women in small viable groups and making facilities available through training and access to credit. The main aim of the scheme is to enabling groups of women to take up employment-cum-income generation programmes of their own and provide support services for further improving training and employment conditions of women. This Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab State Social Welfare Board ,Quite Office,Sector-35,Chandigarh.
Following NGOs are working
Sr.No. Name of the Institution Amount Recommended Beneficiary
1. Milkfed, Punjab Women Diary Project, Chandigarh. 2nd year 2,49,228/-
3rd year 2,56,374/-
2. Bisnoli Sarvodhya Gram Udyog, Lahragaga, Sangrur. 1,03,11,030 2000
  TOTAL 1,08,16,632/- 2000
5. Swadhar (a scheme for women in difficult circumstances)
  The objective of the scheme is to provide primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care to the marginalized women/girls living in difficult circumstances who are without any social and economic support. To provide emotional support and counseling to such women and also to rehabilitate them socially and economically through education, awareness, skill up-gradation and personality development through behavioral training etc. To arrange for special clinical, legal and other support to women/girls in need of those intervention by linking and networking with other organizations in both Govt. & Non-Govt. sector on case to case basis. To provide help line or other facilities to such women in distress and to provide such other services as will be required for the support and rehabilitation to such women in distress. This Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab State Social Welfare Board ,Quite Office,Sector-35,Chandigarh.

A toll free telephone is provided by the BSNL to the organization. The Women in need can call on telephone No.1092.
  During the year 2005-06, 15 Women Help lines were sanctioned in the State of Punjab including Pilot Project Helpline of All India Women Conference, Amritsar, which was started in the year 2003-04. Out of these 15 Women Help lines 8 Voluntary Organizations have received the funds and 7 are yet to receive the funds. Out of the 8, 4 Women Helpline have been started at the places mentioned below and 4 are yet to be started shortly.
Following NGOs are working are running Helplines in the State.
Sr.No. Name of the Institution Amount sanctioned Location of the Helpline to be set up Remarks
1 All India Women Conference, Amritsar 1,81,000/- Sharifpura Chownk, Amritsar Started in the year 2003-04
2 Indian Red Cross society, Sadiq Road, Red Cross Bhawan, Faridkot 1,91,000/- Red Cross Bhawan Faridkot

Helpline started

3 Indian Red Cross Society, Distt. Branch, Red Cross Bhawan, Court Road Moga 1,91,000/- Working Women Hostels, Landeke, Moga

Helpline started

4 Progressive Youth Forum, VPO Ghagga, Distt, Patiala 1,91,000/- Patiala

Helpline started

5 Indian Red Cross Society, Distt. Branch, (Ranbir Club, Sangrur) 1,91,000/- Red Cross Bhawan, Sangrur Sanction received. Yet to be started
6 Association for Social Health in India, District Branch, Red Cross Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar, Jalandhar. 1,91,000/- Red Cross Bhawan, Jalandhar Sanction received. Yet to be started
7 Shiv Sharan Welfare Society, 665/A, Kundan Puri, Shiv Mandir Road, Civil lines, Ludhiana. 1,91,000/- Civil Lines, Ludhiana Sanction received. Yet to be started
8 Indian Council of Social Welfare, Punjab State Branch, Chandigarh 1,91,000/- E-150, Phase VII, Industrial Area, Mohali Sanction received. Yet to be started
TOTAL 13,37,000/-    
6. Assistance To Voluntary Organisation For Construction Of Working Women Hostel With Day Care Centre
  A Scheme of assistance for the construction of working women hostels has been introduced by the Govt. of India to provide accommodation to the working women. Financial assistance to the cost of 75% for the construction of hostel building is provided by Govt. of India. Voluntary Organisations registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Public Trust (Regd.) Women Development Corporation, Universities Schools and Colleges of Social works and local bodies are eligible for assistance. This Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab State Social Welfare Board ,Quite Office,Sector-35,Chandigarh.